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What is Mokume Gane?

Craig Stuart


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At Broughton-Stuart Jewellery we specialise in making rings and jewellery using the ancient Japanese metal working technique Mokume Gane, which means 'woodgrain metal'. We make these exquisite laminates in our workshop from contrasting precious metals and then form them into unique and totally original fine jewellery.


All of our mokume gane jewellery is handmade by Craig Stuart B.Des(Hons) in our workshop in the beautiful, historic village of Dunkeld in Highland Perthshire in the heart of Scotland. Our workshop is the only outlet in the UK for our jewellery.

Broughton-Stuart Jewellery

16th July 2016.


Due to the Brexit vote and the resulting increase in gold price and devaluation of the Pound against the Dollar, our materials costs have increased considerably. As a result we have had no other choice but to increase our prices. Where practical we have updated the prices on our website but there may be some items we have missed. If you would like to place an order, please call to check if the price quoted here is up to date. We can only apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.